Ibiza Adlib fashion: inspiration, influence and freedom. Just like the IIA

Ibiza is inspiration. Ibiza is influence. Ibiza is freedom. And so is its fashion.

Adlib fashion, welcome to the revolution of influence.

That is how it is. Adlib fashion is tradition and transgression.

It comes from the Latin expression «Ad Libitum» which means «with freedom» and extols the free and carefree spirit that has characterized the style of the inhabitants of the island. With influences of the hippie trend so characteristic of the island, along with the artisan work of Ibiza, Adlib fashion is one of the most characteristic and internationally known trends.

Its shapes, its textures, its freshness and originality, its comfort or its cotton fabrics wrapped in a white that evokes the magical island make this fashion our perfect ally.

That is why we joined forces. To work in the same direction: to reward the best digital content creators in the first edition of the International Influencers Awards.

«Dress the way you want, but with style», Smilja Mihailovitch founder of Adlib fashion.

Disover the charm of adlib fashion

Do you know why the influence revolution lands in Ibiza?
Press play and discover the birth of this global trend.

Save the date. 05 June 2022.

International Influencers Awards in Lio Ibiza.