Ibiza hosts the birth of the International Influencers Awards

Destino Pacha Ibiza hotel hosted the press conference to present the first edition of the International Influencers Awards (IIA). María Fajarnes, Councillor for Economic and Business Promotion and Municipal Cooperation at the Consell Insular d’Eivissa; Juan Miguel Costa, Tourism Director of the Consell Insular d’Eiviss; Francisco Ferrer, director of Lío and brand ambassador of Pacha; Francisco Larrey, founding partner of Talentum Group and director of the IIA, and Marta Olmos, Event Manager of the IIA, were in charge of announcing all the details of these international awards.

The International Influencers Awards will take place on Sunday 5th June from 20:00 at the prestigious Lío Ibiza club in Marina Ibiza where a large selection of influencers from all over the world will walk the «white carpet» to enjoy an unforgettable evening. All of them have a total of more than 155.79 million followers on Instagram and more than 144 million on TikTok.

Objective and philosophy

IIA was created with the aim of recognising the work of digital content creators who generate a positive impact on society and, in its inaugural edition, will award the most influential profiles in the following categories: Travel, Wellness, Fitness, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Tik Tok, Revelation, Music and Best in the World. Profiles from different parts of the world with one thing in common: they have turned their digital channels into a global media to connect with millions of people by sharing their lives, values and projects with them.

TikTok stars Domelipa, the Martinez Twins, Brianda and Twin Melody, Latin phenomenon Juanpa Zurita, American Jen Selter, world top 5 in fitness, footballer Sergio Roberto, model Coral Simanovich, renowned yoga, sport and wellness expert Xuan Luan, Italian it-girl Eleonora Carisi, Polish Ola Nowak, who is among Forbes’ top 10 most influential women, and naturist Gotzon Mantuliz are some of the most prominent guests at a gala that will also be attended by our most renowned influencers, such as Marta Pombo, María F. Rubies, Natalia Osona, Grace Villareal and Laura Matamoros. One of the most stylish men in our country, Pelayo Díaz, could not be missing. You can consult and download the complete list of attendees at this link.

In view of the arrival of this event on the island, María Fajarnes, Councillor for Economic and Business Promotion and Municipal Cooperation at the Consell Insular d’Eivissa, explained that they are participating «in these first International Influencers Awards through the Adlib Ibiza company.

Francisco Larrey, director of the International Influencers Awards wanted to highlight «the perfect combination between an event of this kind and a destination like Ibiza. We like to say that Ibiza was already an «influencer» before the concept existed and we are convinced that this is the best possible place to hold these awards. We have put in a lot of work and enthusiasm and we are convinced that this will be the first edition of many».

The island of Ibiza itself is another of the main protagonists of the International Influencers Awards. All the influencers will enjoy an exclusive stay to get to know some of the most special corners of Ibiza. A tour that will include a welcome dinner on Friday at the newly opened Hotel Standard, a yacht trip around Formentera’s main coves and brunch at Beach Club Fandango on Saturday, plus an agritourism experience on Sunday at Atzaró before the gala at Lío Ibiza. At Atzaró they will also be able to enjoy an ephemeral showroom of 13 Moda Adlib designers.

IIA will be an annual event organised by Talentum Group and has the institutional support of the Consell Insular d’Eivissa and prestigious brands and entities such as Lío Ibiza, Moët Hennesy, Lladró, Nespresso, Adlib Ibiza, Destino Pacha, Marina Ibiza, Atzaró, Hï Ibiza, Fandango Formentera, Iberia Express, The Standard, Ibiza Corso, Audi Eivimotor, Belcost, Dipesa Group and Nautic Blue have wanted to join this project with a wide projection for the future.