Welcome to the IIA, Marina Ibiza. Much more than a marina, it’s a lifestyle

Marina Ibiza is a unique yachting and lifestyle destination like no other in the world that, as sponsor of the International Influencers Awards, will be part of this amazing brand-new event.

As if a floating catwalk it was, the most exclusive and sophisticated guests arrive every season sailing on authentic jewels of the sea or by land, lured by its luxury shopping and dining hot spot ashore and looking for the energy and magic that very few ports can offer.

Marina Ibiza is the place to live unforgettable moments in the White Island. This private port is home to high fashion houses, the latest trends in fashion and entertainment, the truly cool atmosphere of Ibiza and also home to Lio Club Cabaret located in Marina Ibiza, stage of the International Influencers Awards.

Feel the exclusive relaxation in this 5-star harbor by day and the playfulness and vibrant lights at night in party mood. It’s pure magic.

Marina Ibiza, welcome to the influence revolution.