The time is now: International Influencers Awards

The IIA International Influencers Awards are here. An event to recognize the important work of digital content creators. In this way, the festival that rewards the influencers with the greatest international impact and committed to their community. From the organization of the event, we firmly believe that it is essential to reward the work of prescribers and content creators in social networks that do a great job every day generating a large community of followers, as well as excellent creativity and innovation of content.

Ibiza is the chosen venue to host these awards, as it could not be otherwise. Because Ibiza was already an influencer before the word existed.

The magical island is inspiration. Over time, Ibiza has received thousands of visits, selfies and likes… and has filled the networks with moments that reflect the true luxury: enjoying life. So, together, we can tell the world what an influencer really is.

In the same way, Ibiza is the cradle of adlib fashion and a destination known worldwide, for having a unique cultural, gastronomic and leisure offer. Incredible landscapes and crystal clear waters are witness to the birth and consolidation of global trends. Therefore, we will also have a charitable approach associated with the care of oceans, posidonia and climate change, because for Ibiza are key actions to maintain the environment and environmental care.

In addition, the best luxury and exclusivity brands join this experience, sharing our values, objectives and vision of the world.

With all this, we welcome you to the IIA International Influencers Awards, an exclusive event to recognize the work of those who take advantage of the potential of social networks to connect with a large community of followers, through innovative, ethical and quality digital content.

The International Influencers Awards gala will take place on Sunday, June 5, 2022 at the Lío club located in Marina Ibiza, a world reference of nightlife in major international capitals. An unforgettable experience awaits us there, where we will announce the winners and experience great surprises along with other content creators from around the world.

The IIA’s white carpet is ready to welcome the influence revolution.

 You’ve been waiting for me.

See you very soon.